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Tire Design Advancements: Smart Tires


Smart tires, also known as intelligent tires, are an innovative concept in the automotive industry that combines advanced tire technology with embedded sensors and communication systems. These tires can monitor various parameters and provide real-time data to the driver or the vehicle’s onboard systems, improving safety, performance, and efficiency. Key features of smart tires include:...

Tire Design Advancements: Self-Inflating Tires


Self-inflating tires, also known as automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS), are an innovative technology designed to maintain optimal tire pressure without the need for manual intervention. These tires help improve vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, and tire life by constantly monitoring and adjusting tire pressure as needed. The technology behind self-inflating tires varies depending on the...

Tire Design Advancements: Eco-Friendly Tires


Eco-friendly tires, also known as green or environmentally friendly tires, are designed to minimize their impact on the environment during their production, use, and disposal. They typically offer lower rolling resistance, reduced weight, and are made from sustainable materials. Here are some key features of eco-friendly tires: Sustainable materials: Green tires are made using natural and...

Tire Design Advancements: Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) Tires


Low rolling resistance (LRR) tires are specially designed tires that aim to reduce the energy lost as a tire roll, thus improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. They help vehicles consume less energy, which is particularly important for electric vehicles (EVs) in extending their range. Low rolling resistance is achieved by optimizing tire design, materials, and construction. Key...


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