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Common Mounting Mistakes That Affect Irregular Tire Wear


Improper tire mounting can have a significant impact on tire wear and performance. Here are some common mounting mistakes that can cause irregular tire wear: Incorrect tire size: Mounting tires that are too big or too small can cause uneven wear and damage to the tire. Improper wheel alignment: Incorrect wheel alignment can cause uneven tire wear, especially on the edges of the tire. This can be...

Effect Of Mounting And Alignment On Tire Wear For Semi Trucks


Mounting and alignment play crucial roles in tire wear for semi trucks. Proper mounting and alignment ensure that the tires wear evenly, thus prolonging their lifespan and contributing to better fuel efficiency, improved safety, and overall cost savings. Below are some key effects of mounting and alignment on tire wear for semi trucks: Uneven tire wearPoor mounting and alignment can lead to...


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